Tuesday, September 1, 2009

There they are, the tools of my new trade. 3 simple things, that when combined, consume your "free time" and propell you to new hights.

I am a triathlete. I finished my first race, solo, and 6th of 11th in my age catagory. Not bad considering that I learned how to swim in May!

I've read that when it comes to triathlons, you either love 'em or hate 'em. Well, I've caught the bug, and will run, bike, and swim with it!!!

p.s. I'll be running in my first 1/2 marathon on


David, the kids, and my swim coach all came out to show their support and watch my grand finish, which by the way they all totally missed because they didn't see me race past them!!

Oh well, next year they'll know what to look for!

Of coarse, next year the kids want to participate so it will be David and Wesley keepin' their eyes peeled!

Trent, Rachel and their kids came down for the 24th of July festivities, and Rachel took this picture of the kids. It was really great to see them, and catch up on life. Rachel takes such great pictures.

Hannah stayed at their house for a couple of days and had a blast!! She loves been the center of attention, and she was!!! Thanks for letting her stay!!!!

So, to catch up on everything else......
The kids stared school: 6th, 5th, 3rd, 1st, and P-K! Sarah is super excited to play violin AND flute this year, and Xander is starting his viola career, thanks to his cousin Dylan who made it cool!
To get a viola his size, his teacher strung viola strings on a full size violin, that's blue!! So he's the ONLY kid in Arizona with a colored viola 'cause they don't make 'em! Xander is all about makin' a statement.
Elsie is not eligible for specialized music in school, but she has joined the Gila Valley horse club and will be VERY GOOD! She has a knack for horses, and hopefully will be participating in her first Gymkhana on Sept. 12th! *squeal and clap*
I'll try to take some pictures (eye roll). Hannah is learning how to read, and is excited for her first triathlon next year!. She's gonna ROCK!!! Little athlete, she is. And Wesley can run the length of our driveway, which happens to be 1/4 mile long!!! Impressive. He is only 3 after all. Tri in training!!