Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Life is Art

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Aahhh.... President's 4 Day weekend

So... recess consists of burying your baby brother in the sand. Let see what subject we can fit this into. Well digging is hard work so P.E., Art I suppose was in there somewhere, Critical Thinking, and definately the study of human behavior! Just so you don't think this is what the homeschool curriculum is made of, Sarah does so ACTUAL school work, I promise!

Hannah has been hard at work riding her bike around...... it took her all of 20 minutes from tricycle to two-wheeler!

So, did you catch a glimps of the red van in the background?!! Thaaar she is, our new van. 1997 Pontiac Transport with all new guts. Plus, I can control the music from the steering wheel! It's SSOOOO cool, we LOVE to drive around in it. Mana from heaven.

Well, art class is going well..... Being on this side of OCD, I admit I must keep myself very busy during art time and repeat quietly to myself "it's washable paint, it's washable paint, it's washable paint". Sad but true.