Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The idea that shook the universe!

So, nobody have a heartattack or anything, I know I'm postng only 2 days after my last post!!

I was reading my Family Fun Magazine and there was an idea for kids and chores. Here's what you do, you take all of your daily chores plus a few *freebies* and write them on popsicle sticks:
Blurry, I know. These particular chores are 1) clear table 2) *freebie* 3) van

Then you put them in a cup, and everyday everyone, including mom, picks a number of sticks, we choose three. When it rotates daily, chores that don't get done very well by a small person gets redone the next day.

We have been dong this for a week now an just look at the results!

So Sarah is doing a load of laundry,
Xander is sweeping the kitchen, but I can't get the picture to load (sorry Xander)
Elsie is cleaning out the van,
and also did the coat closet (doesn't it look great!!!)
Hannah cleaned and swept off the front porch.
My house is in order, and all I drew was dishwasher and counters!!! Man, thank you lady for the idea!Here's the rules for us:
1) If you whine or complain about any job you choose, you trade in a freebie or choose a 4th job.
2) You have until 7:30pm to finish, and if you don't you go to bed an hour early the next day for every job undone. It really is working very well. I am absolved of any unfairness because it's totally random. I solved this problem with discipline also, but that's another blog...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

OK, here's the update. Sorry it's taken so long.... We'll go in chronological order.

Hannah lost her bottom teeth within 3 days. Man, she worked those suckers loose super fast. She has been telling me they've been loose for two years now!! She must be psychic!

I ,for some CRAZY reason, thought that if Wesley could say poop, and present it to me for show, he must be ready for big boy pants. He is SOOOO not ready yet, but darn if he ain't cute in those little boxer briefs!! And yes I've cut his hair since the picture, but by the time I get a picture of it, it will be really long again! I'll try to remember the camera exsists...

The dress is the one I picked out to wear into the temple and take pictures of after the wedding. Mine will be an ivory color, bairly off white. I LOVE it. My favorite part is the tie up the back. It laces down the back, like a shoe lace and ties at the bottom. I so hope I look something like that in it!!

The kids came with us to get our announcement pictures taken this morning. They were the practice shots before our picture. The one of Wesley and Elsie alone on the bottom. It looks like Wesley wants YOU, like that Uncle Sam poster about the Army.

The black and white picture of David and me will be the announcement picture. The other one is us watcing the kids "swim" through the barley field. I can only imagine what he's thinking. I think we're so cute!!

So the plans are this: Sealing on May 23 @ 11:15 am, lunch at my FAVORITE joint "My Big Fat Greek Restaraunt" to follow (YUM), driving home at a relaxed pace, kissing our sweet little angels goodbye cause they sure as heck ain't coming home with us!!!, informal b'bque reception outside of the pima church building May 24 afternoon, driving to Phoenix to catch our flight to Colorado on Sunday the 25th where we will enjoy 4 days of peace and quiet at a resort in Estes Park!


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