Sunday, March 2, 2008

Turnin' two on cold medication

Thank goodness for gluten free chocolate cake! It was finger licken' good! I can't believe my baby boy is two. He has grown so much the past year, including his hair. I can't bear to cut it, it took so long to grow in becasue of the food allergies, so I'm leavin' it!

Wesley woke up last Wednesday to a living room full of balloons, his favorite thing. I found out that when blowing up a 100 pack of balloons, using an air compressor, you might only end up with 75 because of that amount of force blows to tops right off!

Well, it was a great day. Despite the fever and sickness we had a great time. His cousins got him his favorite coloring books, coloring is in his top 3 favorite things to do, thanks Blake cousins!! I love my big boy and am so glad he is here and healthy and that they make really great chocolate cake for wheat-free babies!!!