Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Summin' it all up!!

OK, here's the best way I could think to sum it all up. Man, my life's been crazy the past....forever it seems! Let me tell you the story....

The day of the wedding, Scott and Christy came to my hotel room to help me get ready...Scott fed the kids breakfast and Christy did my hair (awesome!!) and help me get into "the dress". I love the dress. I cropped the back view, but cut my head off.... I'm smiling really. I couldn't stop smiling! The top left pic was with David's family, well some of David's family, given he's youngest of 11! My brother Bruce and his son Bryan flew in just for the wedding, what a guy(s)! My dad took all the pictures, so he's only in the big family one third down.

My good friend Kara made the girls' dresses and boys vests. I let them choose whatever style and fabric they wanted since they are such a big part of it all. Style and fabric was the least of my concerns! I was happy, they were happy, everyone was happy.... don't we look HAPPY!!!!

I made my cake, which, thanks to Sharon's recipes turned out SOOOOOO good. I wrote around the side of the cake in frosting the words I feel describe David and I "love, hope, journey, peace, trust, faith, complete, passion, strong, endless, breathless, gentle" I repeated the words around all the cakes in the same color frosting so it was very subtle but really beautiful. I put my favorite flowers on it and thoroughly enjoyed eating it. And for those of you who know how much I love food......

Then, David and I honeymooned in Estes Park, Colorado. The mountains of CO are always breathtaking and we had a wonderful time! On the way there we swung by my brother Steve's house, and had dinner with his amazing family. They are so great! We ate the most amazing steak, and vegis, and was all so good!

When we got home, we jumped right into our crazy life on Cactus Rd! We live on 135 acres with a really large pond, at the foot of Mt. Graham. Get a load of the view!!! At one time there were acres and acres of fruit trees, and there will be again! I have a HUGE garden, and lots of trees, and weeds that look like grass when they're alive! David taught me how to drive a tractor, and I cleared the road to the pond (middle picture). That group of cottonwoods in the center is where I was proposed to btw! He also taught me how to use a chainsaw (sweet!) so I can trim the trees and get ready to plant another orchard. Eventually I want chickens and goats and horses and a milking cow. We have to ability to be totally self sustaining out here, it is so cool. Man, I'm livin' the dream. My life is so cool, and we are all so happy. The kids have tons of room to run and play, they have about 5 different forts around the property they play in. After I send my dear husband and kids off the in AM I go to my dear friends farm and learn to run one, so I can run ours. I trim trees, milk the goat, groom and ride the horses, slaughter the chickens, build/ repair/ maintain fences, replace the roof.... MY LIFE ROCKS!!!
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